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The management at Precise Calibration Centre strongly believes that  Quality is built in to a product right from its conception, i.e. at the time of designing the product in the R & D Lab. Quality is assured  by performing Quality Operations and  implementing  Intelligent Quality Procedures, at various  stages of the manufacturing processes. The  Quality Operations are performed  by  monitoring and controlling specifications  at  the  stages such as  Incoming Inspection, In-process   Inspection, and Final Inspection. Measuring Instruments enter this scenario at all the levels of such inspections and therefore the accuracy , resolution and reliability of the measuring instruments directly affect the over all quality and hence the performance of the product. At  this  juncture, Precise Calibration Centre plays a  vital  role  in  ascertaining the accuracy and reliability of the  Measuring   Instruments  which are used  in the manufacturing process at the clients’ workshop.
     Quality System

At  Precise  Calibration  Center,  calibration   is  not   treated  as an ordinary check-job, but Calibration  is  understood as a  deep-seated commitment  on part of the entire organization.  Hence  all the  calibrations at Precise Calibration Center ,  carry  a landmark of   Quality  which is long remembered by the  clients,  as this clearly improves the over all performance of their products.
Precise Calibration Centre has established and implemented a Quality System, in compliance with National / International Standards appropriate to the scope of the laboratory activities. The documents pertaining to the policies, procedures and instructions are designed and controlled to maintain a Quality System. The scope of Calibration Facilities at the Laboratory,  for the Linear Measurement is given under “Scope of Calibration Laboratory / Calibration Facilities”.
     Policy Of Confidentiality

The Top Management at Precise Calibration Centre has adopted a strict  policy. for the circulation of confidential documents which includes manuals, procedures, instructions, specifications, calibration records, books, posters, notices, memoranda, software, drawings, plans, controlled copies, any document related to Precise  Calibration  Centre’s quality system policy and / or any internally generated document in any form such as written or printed paper  copy, computer copy, hard  copy,  photographic  negatives & positives, floppies, compact disks, and  zips.


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