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The Calibration Certificates issued by Precise Calibration Centre, establishes  direct traceability with National/International Standards, which helps to upgrade the quality of production, especially for the Companies operating under ISO 9000 requirements. The certificate also carries following important information

(A) Title :  “ Calibration Certificate “
Calibration Certificates are printed on the letter head of Precise Calibration Centre.
A unique identification of the calibration certificate known as “Calibration Certificate Number.” is printed on all the pages of calibration certificate.

The name and address of the client.

Identification of the method used for calibration ( the relevant IS no. is mentioned in all certificates. In case of non - standard
method where no direct standard is available, mention the basis of
IS standard considered).

A description of the instrument clearly stating the client’s identification no., name and make of the instrument and the range & least count of the instrument should appear on each page of the calibration certificate. 
(G) Date of receipt of the instrument for calibration includings the clients Purchase Order No(s) and or Delivery Challan No(s).  
Sampling procedure is not included since the laboratory is only a
calibration Laboratory.
The calibration results with appropriate units of measurements.
(J) The name(s), function(s) and signature(s) or equivalent Identification of the person(s) performing the calibration and those authorizing the calibration certificates.  
(K) The statement specifying that the calibration certificate is not Permitted to be reproduced in part or full without the written permission of Precise Calibration Centre.  


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