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Traceability is the property of a result of measurement whereby it can be related to appropriate standards, generally national or international standards, through an unbroken chain of comparisons.

All the Master Instruments, Measuring Equipment and reference standards used for Calibrations, including the equipment for subsidiary measurements ( e.g. measurement of temperature , and humidity ) having a significant effect on accuracy and / or validity of Calibration Results, are required to be calibrated by NABL Accredited Calibration Laboratory before being put to service in the calibration area of the Laboratory. At Precise Calibration Centre, all the Master Instruments & Measuring Equipment are calibrated as per the Calibration Plan determined by the laboratory and revised from time to time.

     Estimation of uncertainty of measurement

The calibration laboratory at Precise Calibration Centre, performing the calibrations as per the scope of accreditation of the Laboratory, has developed and applied a procedure to estimate the uncertainty of measurement for all type of calibrations which are contained in the Work Instructions Manual.

While estimating the uncertainty of measurement, all the uncertainty components which are of importance, are taken into account using appropriate method of analysis. The general factors which contribute to the measurement uncertainty are temperature of UUC, temperature of Reference Standards, thermal co-efficient of expansion of UUC & Reference Standards, range of calibration at which the measurements are made, uncertainty of calibration of reference standards used, resolution of UUC and accuracy of Reference Standards.


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