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Services to the clients
  Servicing & Repair
Precise Calibration Centre provides most efficient and accurate repairing service for all types of measuring instruments for which the calibration facilities are available in our laboratory. This repairing & servicing facility is available to our clients at the most reasonable rates. All minor repairs , error removal, Instrument cleaning for dust removal, as well as major repair work by replacing the worn out spare parts is done with great care and expertise so as to achieve the optimum performance results of the instrument under repair to ascertain the readings close to the tolerable limits of the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. The rates are available to the clients against their  specific inquiries.
  Pickup & Delivery Service
The laboratory has permanent clients who send their instruments for calibration as well as repair & routine servicing  to the laboratory regularly, but as a gesture of good will, Precise Calibration Centre provides service of pick up and delivery of the instruments to and from the client’s site in case of urgency, emergency and inconveniency of the client. This facility is limited to Ahmedabad Metropolitan Area.
  Client Communication
Continuous communication with the client is maintained especially in large assignments and the laboratory shall inform the clients of any delays or major deviations in the performance of calibration.

The laboratory has worked out a policy & procedure for the resolution of the complaints received  from the clients  or other parties by phone, in person, or in writing. The complaint received by the laboratory is timely attended and resolved for the client’s satisfaction. Precise Calibration Centre shall analyse the root cause of the complaint and shall take the necessary corrective and preventive action as may be required.

Retention period of Technical Records such as Calibration Work Sheets, Calibration Certificates, Job Cards for Calibration etc. are retained as per the retention period defined in the Quality Manual.


  Servicing & Repair  
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