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The Master instruments are purchased from reknowned reputed manufacturers of calibration standards & equipment. The accuracy & performance of the Masters owned by our Laboratory are comparable to the best in the industry from the view point of performance and accuracy. Precise Calibration Centre owns a host of most sophisticated Master Instruments which are listed below. All the Master Instruments carry an NABL Accredited Calibration Certificate which establishes Traceability to National / International Standards.

Lenght Measuring Machine
Make: Octagon
Carbide Slip Gauge Set
Make: Mikronix
Lenght Bar
Make: Mikronix
Slip Gauge Accessories Set
Make: Mikronix
Optical Flat
Make: Mitutoyo
Optical Parallel Set
Make: Mitutoyo
Caliper Checker
Make: Aditya
Electronic Probe with DRO
Make: Baker
Comparator Stand
Make: Micro-Flat
Granite Square
Make: Micro-Flat
Surface Plate
Make: Micro-Flat
Sine Bar
Make: Supreme
Thread Measuring Wire Set
Make: Micron
Measuring Pin Set
Make: Micro Gauges
Master Setting Ring
Make: Baker
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